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The world’s tallest free standing building, the Burj Khalifa can be a gleaming silver pyramid soaring in the air above the marina on Saadiyat Island. The observation deck at the strategy reaches an amazing 104m (338ft), attracting thousands of individuals every day who gawk at the breathtaking view. The building and mall were equally created and made by the Japanese construction giant, Mori Seiki. Construction began back in 1976, and the massive structure was established in 1987.

Its original price tag was estimated at 400 million. As of 2023, its current cost is more than double that amount, standing at around 1.8 billion! Al Ibrahimi Palace Restaurant: Middle Eastern Flavors. For an intensive Middle Eastern culinary experience, Al Ibrahimi Palace Restaurant is a fantastic option. Famous for its authentic Middle Eastern food, this particular restaurant has a variety of meals, this includes falafel and shawarma, prepared with the utmost attention and care to flavors.

The ambiance is welcoming, which makes it an excellent position for dining with family and friends. Sushi: A global Delight. Sushi lovers are going to find themselves in a culinary haven in Abu Dhabi Official Dhabi.e. The city provides a wide range of sushi restaurants that offer up fresh new, artfully crafted rolls. You are able to select from standard Japanese sushi or maybe revolutionary fusion creations that will appeal to different preferences and personal preferences.

What would you do if you were wedged on an island? Precisely why not head for Dubai’s biggest theme park – Ferrari World. Burj Al Arab Desert Park. Located on Saadiyat Island, the wasteland park is designed to be like the Bedouin lifestyle of the men and women of the United Arab Emirates as well as allows visitors to go on camel rides into the next deserts. The park is a good way to spend time along with the kids because the kids’ attraction area boasts 2 camel rides (AED fifty for adults- AED 90 for kids).

While a journey into the desert won’t fill you up, you can still end up with a slice of the UAE’s desert scenery. The Desert City and T bone steak restaurants boast traditional Arabian dishes in addition to a selection of standard Arabic wines. Burj Al Arab. As a member of the exclusive 7 Stars group of luxury resorts, guests staying at the Burj Al Arab experience exclusivity from the second they step foot on the island.

Created between 1991 and also 2023 as a royal family retreat, the premier private home in the earth are available on Saadiyat Island. While staying at Burj Al Arab has its very own attractions and attractions like the Burj Khalifa, it is also home to numerous cultural venues and shops. Ferrari World is a pleasure park located in Abu Dhabi. it’s one of the top attractions in the city and It’s part of the Yas Mall complex.


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